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Advertising Program
Effective January 2017

dvertising on StriperSurf.com is an excellent and inexpensive way to promote your business or service. This website has been in continuous operation since October 1998 and continues to serve thousands of dedicated sport fishermen each day. StriperSurf.com was the very first striped bass fishing website and is ranked by Google as the Number One out of +975,000 sources for saltwater striped bass fishing and number one out of +345,000 sources for saltwater striped bass fishing tips! Google it yourself!Google fishing tips

Advertising Partnership We believe the quality of the products and excellent reputations of the companies that advertise with StriperSurf.com enhance our business as a reliable and honest source of information for our readers. To that end we don't simply display a client's ad but proactively promote the client's product or service. Further..

  • We do not accept text link advertising.
  • We do not participate in any commissioned affiliate advertising programs or networks, e.g. Linkshare, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates.
  • We proactively monitor ads served to us by Google Adsense to block ads that conflict with our advertising partners.

Structure of StriperSurf: Since 2003 the site has been hosted on a leased Dedicated Server which is under our sole control. The server is located at WesHost in Utah and has never been hacked or experienced any significant downtime. The website consists of over 350 internal “static” HTML web pages and 30 separate Message Board Forums with over 500,000 threads (subjects).

The Forums are dynamically generated from a SQL database and PHP software from vBulletinBoard, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Since the Forums are dynamic, the number of pages is based on the number of Posts included in each Thread, therefore the total number can only be estimated. The current estimate, not including archived data, is over 1 million pages. The entire website, HTML pages, SQL database, PHP and other operating software plus images is backed up seven days per week by WestHost.

Links: The last time we checked, Google lists StriperSurf.com 19,800 times but just as important are the other search engines. A search of these engines shows that there are over 10,000 links directly to StriperSurf.com from other web sites!

Minimum Periods: All ad placements excepting Button Ads, one (1) month. The minimum for a Button Ad is three (3) months.

Ad Design: We can design a Box, Horizontal or Tower Banner from your logo or graphics for a discounted fee of $75. The one time fee for Button Ad is $25. We are not capable to create animated .GIF or Flash ads.

Ad Rotation Policy: In order to maintain high impressions for our clients we limit the number of banners we will display by the same rotation script to a maximum of 10. This policy permits us to guarantee a minimum number of ad impressions for a specific number of page impressions. Example: 1 Month - 5 million Page Impressions divided by 10 client banners = 500,000 Banner Impressions each client.

Ad Changeover: You can change an ad of your own design each month. We need just two days notice to change our scripting and run verification testing.

Rate Card, Traffic and Statistics: Final 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 website stats are available to bona fide advertisers. Please email with your full name, business name, business URL and telephone number using the form on the Contact Us page or telephone Bob at 732-997-9207.

Our Guarantee: We make no promises that your advertising banner will generate “X” amount of additional business for you. This is no different than a newspaper or magazine but we deliver thousands more ad impressions each month than any three fishing publications combined. Compare our rates to any other media, we reach more fishermen each month, 12 months a year, full color and linked directly to your business by one simple mouse click!


Ref    AD TYPE STATIC WEB PAGES  Width   Height  Displayed
Web Pages
A "468" Embedded Banner TOP 468 60 ± 350 No Yes
B "468" Embedded Banner BOTTOM 468 60 ± 350 No No
C "468" Rotating Banner BOTTOM 468 60 ± 350 No No
D "728" Rotating Banner 728 90 ± 200 No Yes
E Premium Embedded Box 300 250 ± 350 "428" Top Right Yes
F Tower Banner - SIDE 300 600 ± 200 No No
F Embedded Block 300 100 ± 200 No No
G Tower Banner 150 600 ± 200 No No
H "468" Rotating Banner 468 60 - Bottom No
I "728" Rotating Banner 728 90 - Top Yes
J "728" Premium Embedded Banner 728 90 ± 200 Top Yes

Top 200 Button Ad Program

Strictly for small businesses and entrepreneurs just starting out, Button Ads are small, cost effective embedded ads displayed “Below the Fold” on the "Top 200" viewed StriperSurf static web pages. Due to the traffic on StriperSurf.com each embedded Button Ad yields +12 million ad impressions per year. Button Ads are not displayed in the StriperSurf Forums and advertisers are not permitted to use the ad or their company logo on the Forums.

  • Button Ad placement based on chronological date ordered, however we will separate direct competitors.
  • We can design a Button Ad for a one time fee of $25. You may use the ad on other websites. PNG, JPG and GIF are the standard file formats.
  • Button Ads are set at a monthly rate, with a minimum run time of 3 months.

Button Ad Program Sizes Width
1 Month
Minimum 1 Quarter Billed
1 Year
Single Button 150 Wide x 75 High 150 75 $25 $75 $200
1-1/2 Button 150 Wide x 100 High 150 100 $35 $105 $280
Double Button 150 Wide x 150 High 150 150 $45 $135 $360

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