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biggestsquid 10-26-2016 11:27 AM

NCBBA Red Drum Tourney
The 8th annual North Carolina Beach Buggy Association ended last Saturday with around 250 anglers enjoying the 60 hours of fishing and a number of citation drum. 5-6 foot sharks entered the scene to create some excitement and workouts for those who battled them ...

In addition to having a great time the tourney raised over $ 6000.00 for agencies directly involved in helping Hatteras Islanders recover from Matthew. Frisco, Orcracoke and Hatteras Villages are in shambles after flooding that surpassed that from Floyd and rivaled the hurricane of 1933. These folks need help and I'm proud to be part of an event that provided some for the victims of this disastrous storm. One local said that 2/3 of the students at the Hatteras school had no mattresses on which to sleep!

The Cape Hatteras Anglers Club tourney starts next Wednesday. I wish all of the 720 anglers good luck and safe travels.

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