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ptw 09-20-2007 11:18 PM

I can't believe what I am seeing! Never have I seen a pro sports team choke this badly. I thought the last two weeks of thier schedule would have been a layup for them. They are getting beat by Wash. and Fla. for god sake! The bullpen is a disgrace. Up 3 runs in the 9th, and they can't close it! Watching them fall apart is killing me! The only thing worse, is that I am a NY Giants fan! This is going to be a real crappy sports year for me. Watch! The Rangers will go wire to wire, only to get knocked out in the first round, I can see it already.

BennyB 09-21-2007 09:00 AM

Re: The METS!

Originally Posted by ptw (Post 2259133)
I can't believe what I am seeing! Never have I seen a pro sports team choke this badly.

I guess you did not watch the last ALCS between the Yankees and the Red Sox huh? :rolleyes: :eek:

RobS 09-21-2007 09:06 AM

Re: The METS!
Buckner's revenge?

ptw 09-21-2007 09:28 AM

Re: The METS!
Buckner was one play in one game. The ALCS was bad, I'll give you that. But this, this has been going on for weeks now.

Bob D'Amico 09-21-2007 01:45 PM

Re: The METS!
I don't know if they are really choking. I watched the game last night in Florida, they weren't playing the field very well but they scored 4 runs in the 9th to take the lead. Then the bullpen gave it up and allowed the Marlins to tie it up.

Pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching, pitching...........

Watched Willie's post game interview, he was saying all the right words but you could see he was devastated. It was a terrible loss.

The bad thing is if they don't win the division they may not get in the playoffs as the wildcard unless the Padres cool off. The Yankees have 10 games left, they can just play .500 baseball and get the wildcard. I will be very happy with that but I would really like to see them win the division, coming back from 14.5 games down to the RedSux would be as legendary as the Boston Massacre. :hihi:

I really want to see the Cubs and Mets in the NLCS!

Bob D'Amico 09-27-2007 09:50 PM

Re: The METS!
I Can't Believe It. Shut Out, the Mets Lose Again! Tied with Phillies.

They'll Be screaming on WFAN in a few minutes, all night and all of Friday. Poor Willie! :storm

ptw 09-27-2007 11:36 PM

Re: The METS!
Up by 7 with 17 to play, now they are tied!

Bob D'Amico 09-28-2007 02:04 AM

Re: The METS!
You should have heard Steve Somers on the FAN tonight, he was so pitiful even went as far as having his rabbi say a prayer for the Mets on the air. :eek:

RobS 09-28-2007 07:34 AM

Re: The METS!

BennyB 09-28-2007 07:52 AM

Re: The METS!


Chuckles 09-29-2007 01:19 AM

Re: The METS!
This is turning into a pretty interesting last week to bea Nats fan!

Freakin' Phillies fans rocked RFK the first three days of the final homestand there, but we beat 'em back in the RFK closer. Now, Metsies, you get to root for the team that just swept your sorry no-good choking arses.


marchetti 09-29-2007 04:43 AM

Re: The METS!
Looks like Rollins was correct.... "We're the team to beat in the NL east this year". Although the Mets have choked, the Phillies have been playing great. Including crushing the Mets that last 8 times they have played. Finally nice to see this happen to another team besides the Phillies.

walter m 09-29-2007 02:08 PM

Re: The METS!
They built this team the old way, no pun intended. Glavine and Pedro are good but that cant pitch deep into games. The Mets bullpen was over taxed before the season even started.

I saw a head line "Should Willie Randolph be fired" I couldnt believe it. Omar built the team, he should bare the brunt of the heat!

lou f 09-29-2007 06:15 PM

Re: The METS!
go phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank N 09-30-2007 08:25 AM

Re: The METS!
Seems like the philthies felt some pressure yesterday....

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