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Doug 04-02-2017 02:12 PM

Play Ball !!!
Starting the season off with an indoor game in Florida just doesn't seem right but compared to last years first game in Pittsburg it does make some sense.


HookI 04-02-2017 02:32 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
top 1st Yanks had a review not over turned

HookI 04-02-2017 08:15 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
Teflon Tanaka = what a mess of a game : worst opening day in Yankee history ...back to Joey Ball ..Susan & John really bad again explaining their theory on hitting mechanics & how Bird is a great fielding 1st baseman & how Giambi would not make that play , Susy he was there to hit ! & he was CLUTCH Whiskey face Cone needs a make over hard to watch the guy almost like Frankie Coffeecake from the Bronx Tale . Just glad we did not hear from Paul O'Neil how he was going to dinner w/ Frank & Mary after the game..... because the game is in Tampa .

RobS 04-03-2017 08:19 AM

Re: Play Ball !!!
Look, Susan and John are probably the worst bball announcers on the air, but ya got to just roll and look at it like cheesy entertainment. Just like watching Joey manage.

I like that Bird and Sanchez are playing, even though the odds of them making the HOF are about zero, just because too much can happen in baseball and young players' lives to even think about it. But at least they, and some others back down in AAA, are decent players that have a shot at becoming good.

I was out of Yankees territory yesterday, enjoying some outstanding blueclaws down in New Castle DE with my son, for his 33rd bday. Taped the game and only watched an inning late last night and know the outcome without watching the rest :D

Hey, the Yanks have no starting pitching so this season is guaranteed to be a bust... I'm just rolling with it as anything NY beats anything Philadelphia, which is what I'm inundated with down here...

HookI 04-03-2017 09:17 AM

Re: Play Ball !!!
The Bronx is expected to be in the playoffs every season , that's just the Yankees way , As fans we don't have the patience for development & spoon feeding players , watching them play " Patty Cake " in the Dug Out because of a fielded the ball .this is the Big Show , Phillies had a good run not so long ago & think its a very good organization if fans want to wait it our its ok by me , its not NY ...glad you had a that special day , someone one's birthday was yesterday too & we were on the Oysters & brew in NY was the best we can do . Next week will be Grouper sandwiches

RobS 04-03-2017 12:29 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
the Yanks are setting up for a run, but it ain't gonna be this year.

so bash them all you want.... it's NY after all :D

btw, have tickets for a game "Whitey Ford Bobblehead Day", we always get there way early so will get a "prize" but they can't even get that right anymore... the "bobbleheads" they give out don't "bobble", just a figurine.
got a mccann one last year... didn't know they were doing it, we just showed up and got a bunch. It's my one day a year outing when I meet up with my lawngaisland family in the city.

HookI 04-03-2017 03:14 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
161st is an attraction for the world to see , no place like it , even if the bobble heads don't wabble , folks still come from all over the world . We used to hit the deli on Walton / Gerard Ave to eat before the game . It made for a nice sandwich even thought the Jewish rye was not Jewish . My mouth waters

HookI 04-09-2017 01:03 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
1-4 my eyes hurt watching

hammerhead 04-09-2017 10:08 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!

Originally Posted by HookI (Post 2428069)
1-4 my eyes hurt watching

Yes they do hurt more every day:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

RobS 04-10-2017 07:39 AM

Re: Play Ball !!!
It's early, don't sweat the small stuff.

The Yanks could win somewhere in the 80s number of games, depending on whether the pitching totally melts down (or not :) ).

RobS 04-10-2017 04:34 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
how do your eyes feel today? :D

HookI 04-10-2017 07:25 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
big Mike pitched great his afternoon 11k's , He does strike guys out a lot in his short career , but he has to put it together more. I did like what we saw today weather was hot & that's what he is used to , but its Tampa , lets stay healthy , Happy eyes .
it will be Red fish & Snook tomorrow on the drop about 4pm

RobS 04-10-2017 08:00 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
Sounds great, hoping that get some stocked bows tomorrow LOL

HookI 04-11-2017 05:06 AM

Re: Play Ball !!!
^^^ streams are leveling out for you , good luck

RobS 04-12-2017 12:39 PM

Re: Play Ball !!!
stream was fine... trout were absent.

I'll be looking at a different spot later this week, but it gets a little easier once the later stockings happen.

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