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OneLastCast91 07-28-2011 11:24 PM

frank surf rods?
I am looking for a new surf rod 10 to 10'6 ft..I was wondering if you had any suggestions on the best rod to buy. I need a new rod to get beyond the 2nd wave and beyond the third but at the same time I need a rod I can cast lures with all day. I am willing to spend around 200 to 225 dollars. Thanks

Frank Daignault 07-29-2011 01:18 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
I assume you are planning a spinning application as that is the most popular. Because the rod will be used for both lures and bait, I would plan the lure application for the new stick because you can more easily adapt a lure rod to bait fishing that a bait rod for lure fishing. My choice has been controversial in the past and that could come up again but 10 feet is too long for hurling artificials. My rods are all around 9-3 for both spinning and conventional. If you don't like that, go shorter, not longer.

As for price I can't help you though our guys here can. In general, I would shy away from production sticks from the big box stores and talk to a custom rod maker -- they are all over the place and usually more competent -- and whatever they make the most of is what people like and the choice is made for you. Tell the boss what you want, what you told me. Also, take in what our guys here say.

Surfrods are like women: the first one is always a mistake. For that reason whatever you decide upon when starting will end up being your back-up rod.

lagoonguy 07-29-2011 02:41 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
You are looking for the impossible rod, IMHO. A long rod that will toss bait or heavy lures (jigs,etc) is a very plausible goal. But, it will
be a bear to toss lures on all day. A good lure rod, that won't kill you need not be over 9 or 9.5 ft. but, it won't be able to get your
bait or jig out to the third wave in most cases. The dynamics of both rods are so dissimilar that it's futile to find the all in one model

I have a 11' Ron Arra conventional custom made by Canal B&T. It will cast to the third wave, easily. It has cast across the canal twice. It will cast a pogy or mackerel and a 3oz pyramid away out there and that is what it's made to do. You couldn't toss a plug for more than an hour without resting.

I have a 9.5' Ugly Stick custom graphite rod that I can, and have, cast a 3oz plug with all night without tiring. But it's useless for bait fishing.

I'd suggest you ask around for several custom rod makers and talk to them. I've be very surprised if an experienced maker would even offer to make the rod your dreaming of. Keep the rod you now have for what it does best and have the new rod made for the other thing.

RobS 07-29-2011 05:11 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
Have to admit I don't have a good plugging rod right now.

I got an 11' Tsunami conventional that is very good for tossing bait. Probably not as good as the Ron Arra Bill mentions but it is serviceable for sure, but no way I'd want to toss plugs all night with that.

Have 2 low end off the shelf plugging rods that are serviceable, one for 1.5 - 2.5 oz (says 3 but a little light for that) and the other is decent for 2 up to 3.5. Don't have a good rod that can handle big wood yet.

jahgringo 07-29-2011 07:47 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
Like everyone else said, plugging rods wont do bait duty. But if you want a nice plugging stick... I'd look into lamiglas or st. croix. Ive never done the custom thing, but my two plug sticks have been awesome. My lami, love that rod, is for my bigger stuff/spring run gun. And my st. croix is a bit lighter for double duty on fluking.

Just wanna give lami a plug here... pun intended, hurrying out of my house at some weird hour, I shut my rod tip in the door, took off about 6 inches. I still wanted to fish so i just stuck the top guide on the busted piece... But afterwards I called up lami and they said send us whatever you have left and we'll build you a fresh one for 100$ I paid 220+ for the rod and it was a model that they didnt make anymore (9' Inshore Classic XH 1 piece). Since it was the summer blues situation i kinda just left it on the back burner. A month or so passed and i called em up and the lady was like oh shoot, i totally forgot about that one, its almost done were just waiting on the same color thread that your old rod was wrapped with. I just told her not to worry and just use whatever you got. She actually went back to the shop and asked the guy to finish it ASAP. Mind you, i wasnt pushing them, i didnt need it right away. So the next day Lami calls me back and tells me they finished it and are express shipping it to me at their cost. Got a 9' PVC tube 2 days later. You really can't find customer service like that anywhere, period. And that is the kind of thing that speaks to me, plus they are an American company. They built me a fresh rod that they dont have in stock and did it without any hassle at all. I've been a sworn lami customer ever since, though i havent needed to buy any rods, because now i make sure the tip goes out the door first.

Sorry for going way off topic, but i want you to get something youll love... and know if something ever goes wrong, youll be taken care of like i was. Big ups to lami!

OneLastCast91 07-29-2011 09:22 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
Thanks guys, I have decided that I will probably get the st. croix mojo 10 footer. I liked how it was light so if i decide to throw bait I have it and I will keep my spare old rod for the plugging in the trunk just in case.

Jon006 07-30-2011 04:38 AM

Re: frank surf rods?
Before you spend on that mojo I would suggest you consider Franks advice again on avoiding a manufactured stick such as the mojo. Not to say thats a bad stick but there are better performing blanks out there for sure. Call CMS Customs in New Bedford. I've purchased from them a few times and honestly you can't go wrong there. They have a bunch of customs pre-made and ready for sale. Or you can have them build one. The rods they build on the rainshadow blanks being closest to your budget. Ask about the SUR blank, I own one, its a bit long at 10'6 SUR1266 is the number. You can throw 8 and bait with it or jig with out issue. It is heavy stick oower wise and doesn't throw under three oz with much response, ie the blank doesn't load well with the light stuff.

Frank Daignault 07-30-2011 02:19 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
I no longer know what is being done. My latest rod, which is a while back was a Fisher graphite custom (which I think is discontinued). Back in the day lami customs dominated. The big rod makers, with the exception of St Croix, don't seem to know how and what to instruct the girls from southeast Asia to assemble. Custom is safe and represents the marketplace.

Jon006 07-30-2011 10:21 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
I enjoy the crastsmanship and helping the guy here in the US keep his doors open. It also helps to have someone to build something to your specifications, with the hardware you prefer and the action that best suites the application. What I don't care for is paying for a brand name, marketing, ect.

Also doesn't help having a st. Croix rep literally berate me for the way I was feeling the tip stiffness of a legend at a trade show. Those guys do nothing for me. I go to CMS or any other local guys shop and I get treated with respect and it doesn't cost extra.

Frank Daignault 07-31-2011 06:36 AM

Re: frank surf rods?
There are some very stupid people in retailing which is why so many go out of business. The rep you are talking about, Jon, probably has still never made a fishing cast in his life. He just needed the job and St Croix needed somebody to go around and bust angling balls. Selling books I have had shops double their money over a few weeks and when they were asked, they checked, and found they had sold them all. But they are not smart enough to reorder.

I place books at an 8 percent mark up for me. Then I have a store offer to pay me less for my books. Now go to that store and offer them less for a custom rod and see what they say. I just don't call them any more.

OTS, where the heck is the third wave? I have been standing on the beach for 60 years and the waves move too fast to be counted. I'll keep trying :dunno:.

Jon006 07-31-2011 07:53 AM

Re: frank surf rods?
Everytime you mention that it makes me frustrated. Thats why I've never sold into retail, because most business owners don't know whats good for them.

It's funny though how big business and some fisherman act exactly the same when it comes to buying something. Some will do a proper evaluation before making a decision and others will buy a brand name thats well known and not consider anything else. You see a ton of new guys to surfcasting do it, go pay big money for a super surf or mojo only criteria being it's name sake or the in this case its weight.

Then months down the road that expensive stick is the backup while a custom gets the most play.

gadabout 07-31-2011 10:44 AM

Re: frank surf rods?

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault (Post 2355840)
OTS, where the heck is the third wave? I have been standing on the beach for 60 years and the waves move too fast to be counted. I'll keep trying :dunno:.

+1, LOL. I never knew the waves all lined up for you so you could measure your casts.

Frank Daignault 07-31-2011 02:59 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
Thanks, Gad. Some nights there are no waves. Big water nights the first wave has you running for the dunes. Quiet nights there is only one wave and it is infrequent. One time in fleet school, back when I was becoming a Yoeman, the Yoeman school for waves was in the barracks next door. I'll try not to take too long with this:
A shipmate of mine says to me,
"Which wave do you want?"
"The third wave looks pretty good. But I'll take any one I can get." :moon::beer:

Merlin 07-31-2011 04:01 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
Strange to me how a forum gets taken over by a few and then in time dies ragging or picking on new bees. In defense there is such a thing as a third wave and you are welcome to do a goggle search on this subject. This so called third wave has been known capsize large ships, so the saying that was originally posted fits the criteria with a tongue in the cheek.

Montauk Surf 07-31-2011 06:32 PM

Re: frank surf rods?
I agree with Gad and Frank...if you have ever been in a cockpit setting back lures into a tuna trolling spread..and having a captain up on the bridge yelling..." I want that one on the second wave!!..and that one on the third wave!!.."...All the while peering out into a turbulence of froth, large boiling water, and waves while trying to balance in a bucking would see the point of view.:headscratch::cloud:

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