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04-10-2000 06:11 PM

Could someone give me a recommendation on what size rod and reel that would be suited for fishing live herring in the canal

Thanks in advance

04-10-2000 06:11 PM

Could someone give me a recommendation on what size rod and reel that would be suited for fishing live herring in the canal

Thanks in advance

Matt25 04-11-2000 12:12 AM

The canal is one of the stragest areas to fish. Most regulars who fish there have a desnigated rod that they solely use on the cape...i wouldn't call myself a regular, but here is what I use...

I've got a seven foot ugly stick tiger boat rod that I find works great for the canal...i've matched with a shimano baitrunner 4500 reel...nothing better for fishing live bait.

the canal requires a heavy rod that can handle a lot of weight and one that is stiff enough through the blank to wrench the fish up....

Leave the expenisve light rods at home and go heavy....
later and good luck matt

04-11-2000 05:21 PM

Thanks for the info Matt. Is a rod cpable of holding 4-12ozs. good or is it too heavy?

jnovo75 04-12-2000 03:09 PM

Gumby I consider myself a regular on the canal.Are you interested in the canal tournament ?it is in the middle of the spring herring run I usually stay at the herring run motel right across the road from the herring run.The tourney runs for 7 days with prizes awarded daily and overall.Don't forget if you are going to fish live herring in the canal and you dont want to bging your own herring from your local run you have to purchase a herring permit at the local town hall it costs 25.00 i think I usually bring my own herring from my local run seeing that you are only allowed 12 herring every 24 hours they usually last about an hour if the bass are biting.As for your ? about the rod and reel I would not reccomend a baitrunner for the canal I am a big fan of baitrunners but,your best bet is a7-9 foot casting rod med-heavy action with either an abu garcia 7000 or a calcutta 700L or any openface casting reel with or without a levelwind.When you go to the canal you will see for yourself the amount of peoplr using spinning reels to conventional reels!The two reels I mentioned are the reels of choice on the canal I also reccomend at least 20-30 lb. test you never know when a school of monsters are going to swim buy!I also reccomend a laundry basket with a wooden cover on top with a whole in it to retrieve bait from tie a rope to the end of it and throw it in the canal .Any other ??'s about the canal and the herring run on the canal e-mail me at remember these are only suggestions on things that work for me and other people I've seen and know I'm not trying to be a wise guy or anything.The first time I went to the canal I didn't know you needed a permit to get herring also you can only get herring mon,wend,fri.and they have agents there that scoop the herring for you and the average wait for herring on the weekend is about2-3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!{for 12 herring}during the week its about1-2hours!!! also there hours are in the am and the pm its not open all day long!!! jnovo75

04-12-2000 05:45 PM

Jnovo75 thanks for the in-depth information. I reallly appreciate it. I had never heard of that derby before. I think I may give it a try this year. You said that you recommend a medium heavy action rod. Would a rated rated for 2-6 ounces fit that criteria. I don't want to go to heavy, but definitelty not to light either.

Tight lines and good luck at that derby!

Matt25 05-01-2000 01:55 AM

Was at the Herring Run this weekend....not alot of action...

A conventional reel willl work better without question, I just haven't got that good at using them...and my meek budget cannot afford them....

good luck

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