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boomer50 03-17-2000 09:38 PM

Just getting started have fished the lower Kennebec some last year need help with what kind of tackle how to set up[the line etc. Just starting out.

boomer50 03-17-2000 09:38 PM

Just getting started have fished the lower Kennebec some last year need help with what kind of tackle how to set up[the line etc. Just starting out.

hook,line and sinker 03-18-2000 01:25 AM

I fish the Kennebec River every summer. I usually fish by the Fort at the mouth of the river. I fish with eels, big sluggos, bucktails tipped w/fin-s, and mackeral colored plugs. For eels I use a fish finder rig. I tie a 24-28" leader to a black barrel swivel. The other end gets a 2/0 black, short shanked tuna type hook. I thread a 1.5-2 oz egg sinker above the barrel swivel. Make sure you remove any burrs or sharp edges left by the sinker mold from the holes in the sinker before threading your line. I use a heavy action 9' stick with a Daiwa sealine 30H reel and let the eel swim around the rocks at the rivers edge withg thje reel in free spool. Give the bass time to get the bait in his mouth. I also bring along a 7.5'popping rod to throw plugs and jigs. I try to fish a rising tide, right at the fort near the mouth of the river. Make sure you have corkers or other suitable footwear as the rocks can be very slippery. I have also had luck at Popham beach with eels, artificials and mackeral chunks. You also might consider fishing with one of the many guides in the area from a boat. I have had some great experiences out ther during the day when the bugs aren't so thick and the scenery is out of this world. Seals, eagles, osprey etc.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

boomer50 03-18-2000 12:08 PM

Thanks for the reply HL and S.

03-20-2000 01:35 PM

Hey Boomer50,

Good to hear someone is thinking of striper fishing up here in still frigid Maine. Another what 7 to 8 weeks before the stripers start to run. Man it seems like an eternity. Like H,L,&S, I use a 9' heavy action rod with a Shimano Baitrunner reel spooled with 25# mono for throwing chunks and live eels. The Baitrunner reel works great because you don't have to free spool the bait or eel. I use 6/0 to 7/0 Gamagatsu Circle hooks for chunk bait and standard short shank 5/0 hooks for live eels. I rarely use much weight when I'm bait fishing, there's not much current where I fish compared to the Kennebec. And I also carry a 7' medium/heavy action spinning rod with a reel spooled with 20# mono for plugging. I use Rebel Windcheaters, Mambo Minnows, and Sassy shads for artificials. I fish primarily around the Portland area, Presumpscot, Scarboro, & Spurwink Rivers, along with Higgins and Scarboro Beaches.

If you're down this way the "Tackle Shop" in Portland on India Street has a lot of equipment to choose from and a lot of lures.

Give me a holler some time on this board if you want to fish down around the Portland area this season.

This Maine and N.H. board is new at and any fishing reports you can make would be great once the fishing starts.

raybo 03-20-2000 03:30 PM

where on india street? Have not been down there since '97, is it down near the hedgehog micro brew/bar

hook,line and sinker 03-21-2000 04:21 AM

Hello Emora,
My folks live in Cape Elizabeth and we visit them every summer. I have always been curious about the Spurwink Creek. My dad has been afetr me to canoe with him from the 77 bridge just past the church, down stream and I thought it must be prime area for stripers. Any feedback would be appreciated.

03-22-2000 04:46 PM


The Tackle Shop is on the same side of the street as Amato's Sandwich Shop, three buildings down towards the harbor.


03-22-2000 04:58 PM

Hey h,l,&s,

You're right the Spurwink River is very good spot to fish, especially early in the year when the rivers are warmer than the open ocean. Last year I put my canoe in at the Route 77 access point and fished almost all the way down to the mouth. I use a electric trolling motor. Caught a lot of small schoolies, but it was a blast. Used small sassy shads with jig heads on light spinning gear. You need to watch the tide and get back up to the take out before the water gets skinny. I fished the mouth of the Spurwink where Higgins Beach converges with it all season long. Great spot.

hook,line and sinker 03-23-2000 01:17 AM

Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to try it this summer. Last week of July. Look for the Light Blue Old Towne Tripper.

Tight Lines!

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