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GripStuds 03-26-2013 05:32 PM

Grip Studs: Surf Fishing Studs
StriperSurf users,

Many of you may already be aware of our company and products, but as the spring season heats up we wanted to let you know about something new we're doing this season! Striper fishermen have been using our screw-in studs in their boots for quite a while now with great results, and after requests from many of those customers we're now offering surf fishing boot kits in our most popular rock hopping models! Our durable traction studs feature a unique wide-auger shank to prevent bending or folding over in the sole like other narrow-threaded studs do. Grip Studs? are compatible with rubber or felt sold boots, and they feature a tough, solid tungsten carbide core-to-tip shaft and a rust-resistant finish, making them the perfect stud for surf casters!

For pricing and more info, check out the following link: What do you think of our studs? We want to hear your thoughts, reviews, and questions, so feel free to comment below or contact us directly and we'll respond to you as soon as possible!

~Stay safe on the rocks this season!~

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