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Exclamation Protocols -- Read First

The Ask Frank Daignault Forum is a great opportunity for visitors to to post questions on surfcasting. He has authored six books on shore stripers along with many hundreds of articles in national and regional magazines. In order to best utilize Daignault's skills in this medium, it is imperative that he answer first when a question is posted. This enables all visitors to the board to witness the development of an issue pertaining to the striper surf to its fullest informational and entertainment potential. Once Daignault has posted his first answer, registered members are welcome to add to the thread. In this increased level of activity, there will sometimes be polite disagreement which hopefully will bring more to the subject. Be painfully polite and be sensitive to the opinions of others. When posting a question deal with one question at a time and try to do so in a simple, readable manner. After Frank answers, others are welcome to add to the thread, but stay with the subject addressed in the initial question. Digressions can confuse readers.

Administration is aware that many post with aliases. However, this is not license to bring old situations, old hostilities to this board. Keep in mind that the playing field levels when administration deletes a thread or message. Invariably, you are known by administration and your privileges can be withdrawn. From time to time a post is made which enjoys questionable believability. A polite question might arise, but piling on to a member only raises the threshold of hostility with no useful purpose. This is a public forum. Never forget that thousands of people access this message board, even though only a small minority actually posts a question. You are liable for any statement that you make. Slander is not an option any more than if it were posted by a person under their true name. Don't say anything you might be sorry for later, that is not true, or which can defame a person. If we at can't set you straight, that person's legal action might. Cyber-communication bears the same responsibilities as the world to which you are already accustomed. Avoid flaming vulgarity. This is not the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, and we all like a good laugh through double entendre but be tasteful and ask yourself if Mom would mind reading it before you say it. Your mission, should you decide to ask a question, should be to ask yourself first "does it inform and entertain?" Now, grab that surf rod and join Frank Daignault in his storied striper surf and let's go fishing for striped bass.

  1. Ask one question at a time.
  2. Allow Frank to respond first.
  3. Stick to the original question if you choose to reflect upon a thread.
  4. Be courteous in whatever comments you make.
  5. Avoid bringing prior disputes to this forum.
  6. Tasteful humor is fun for everybody. No flaming vulgarity.
  7. Don't gang up on somebody's case.
  8. Don't say anything you'll be sorry for later.
  9. Do not "embearass" the moderator by being "smarter," Dumb down