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Default Large bass behavior

First of all Frank Im a huge fan of your books. There is no question i learned a few things even after years and years of hardcore surfcasting.
What has interested me for a long time are the habits/behaviors of large bass. Im very interested in the years of the great runs on the cape and then Block Island. It seems that the big schools of large fish are almost always changing. They show up for years at one place, then hit annother, then disappear. I know that huge schools of monsters winter off the hatteras coast, way offshore. I also know these big fish hit the cape for about 10 years then hit block island for a few years after that.
I wonder often where these huge schools of bass go, how they can just decide to nail a place for a while, then totally vanish.
Do you have any thoughts on the unpredictablilty of these large fish? Any thoughts as to where they could show themselves again, or why they havent since block?
Ever since i read the trophy striper i wanted to ask you more about the habits of LARGE.
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