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Default Re: Large bass behavior

Well, you have it right and I'll bet that a lot of people think of it that way. I know that I do. First answer, is that I don't know. Beyond that I think that a cussid law of propensity causes a school of large to get hammered where word is out about how and where and people just fish them out. Naturally, they can't last forever and it is not luntil another contingent grows to size, probably somewhere else, where it is safe, that the process repeats itself. Why they are here one season, and there another -- Cape or BI -- also defies explanation. Sure, your uncle will tell you, that concentrations of bait lure the fish into staying somewhere to end up getting hammered. But I am not here to castigate your uncle because he doesn't know any more than I. The sense is there, that the large would take up in a place where life is good. but again, why is life good on the Cape one year and Montauk the next? This is a smoker of a thread that you have started and we ought to have more fun than you can normally have with close on. And, you wascal, your taste in literature is impeccible

Thought that I lost the first effort. Time to see my terapist -- sick turtle Dr.

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