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Default Re: Large bass behavior

When i know large are in the area, and im specifically targeting them, i do feel like im basically fishing for a different specie of fish than say smaller fish, up to say the high teens. The guys ive fished with since i could hold a rod, maybe around 5 years old, have always been at least twice my age. Altho im only 25 now ive got a good 20 years experience and learned from some real amazing fisherman.
I really do enjoy the hunt for large bass. They are smart and sometimes it even seems like they are teasing you, that they know you are there fishing for them. When there not all out blitzing the shore, to me, its like the ultimate hunt. You cant see what ure hunting for, dont know exactly what they want, pretty much ure senses are nullified. Its intuition, intelligence, and experience that will dictate ure side of the hunt....yeah and luck always helps! Anyone can go out and nail some smaller bass on just about anything, like fishing for bluefish. Large fish just seem to be a breed all their own.
A short while back i read an article by Russ BAssdozer on his site that i felt really vindicated some of what i was thinking. There is an article called "ghost fish" where he talks about his theories. Its an interesting read. Frank have u ever read that article? If so what did you think about it, it facinated me.
Its the huge and legendary blitzs of fish that lasted for years on the cape and block that so interest me tho. Every year we get new bait, and every year we do have some blitzes of fish, but nothing like u guys had on the cape or the block. I just wonder where these huge masses of fish decided to go next, and why they didnt come back since.
Thanks for all ure replys Frank, im glad the mystery of large bass interests someone else as much as it does me.
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