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Default Re: My condolences to Yanks fan

I am disappointed but this is not life and death plus every single guy on the Yankees squad, including those at minimum salary make more than me and probably you so I don't feel sorry for them.

Maybe I'm different but I've always followed the Mets and hope they make it to the World Series and win. I DO have a Mets cap already, thanks anyway Frank.

I'm also hoping that the Tigers get wiped out by Oakland. Kenny Rogers was amazing on Friday night, he sucked when he pitched for the Yankees, sucked as a Met and ho-hum sucked as a Ranger. He looked like he was possessed on Friday night. Bonderman did not look like "Tom Terrific" on Saturday, the Yankees were choking before the first pitch and just continued gagging for 9 innings.

Unlike the guys on FOX and ESPN I am not impressed that Jim Leyland wears standard baseball spikes. This guy I can't stand. I hope the A's and the Big Hurt put a lot of hurting on them!

The old rule is still valid good pitching beats good hitting. What the Yankees desperately need is good pitching. After Wang & Mussina the staff is just avaerage. I would however re-sign Corey Lidle. Make him the 5th starter.

Sheffield is only a designated hitter, I'd rather have Giambi and Bernie as DH.

The big question really is, what boo-boo will Pavano have when Spring Training starts next year?
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