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Default Re: Spotting structure and other Bass attractions

You know, someone should start paying Al Bentsen for hanging around here, because he posted something a few months ago that has stuck in my head, and to my mind is one of the most informative and succinct pieces of advice a surfcaster could ever get.

To paraphrase: structure can be anything. It could be a 2-foot depression, a tiny jetty, or a series of puny hills in the water. Anything to break up the flat, featureless plain of a beach. A small bar and a slough might not seem like much when you're at Race Point or Sandy Hook, but if you're on a beach where there are no other features, these little variations might hold the keys to the golden palace. No change in structure is too small to merit closer inspection.

Look for any kind of change in topography, and investigate. It's worth doing.
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