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I think what it comes down to, and I believe you can back me up on this Frank, is that when the main purpose for fishing is the money, then it aint about the fish. I was young enough to not be jaded by the money. Bass were fun and I loved the fight, I was allso old enough when the shut down happened that I understood it was caused by many facets. The old man pointed fingers in every direction except when he stood in front of his mirror shaving in the morning.
I was also young enough to listen to Bob Ponds warnings and hear what he was saying. Too many guy's made the comment "here comes chicken little" when they saw him approaching. To this day I respect the man for his foresight and willingness to finance research with his own money. I always wonder what things would be like today had more fisherman took him more seriously.
Although my club is young and growing, we will one day honor Mr. Ponds with a Conservationist of the Year award named after him, for the member that does most to promote a conservation ethic.
I also have the last "40" he removed from the mould the day before he turned the company over to the new owners, autographed of course. It was still hot when he handed it to me.
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