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Default Re: Another Flat Wing

Originally Posted by RobS View Post
As an aside, apparently stripermoon is down and a fellow was looking around for what happened.

In the process, I mentioned Abrames "Illusions in Fly Tying" book.

I went out to look for a link where he could purchase it, and saw that
it too seems unavailable, except for these crazy prices (here on amazon
but other places it was either out of stock, or linked back to amazon, or
had a similar crazy price)Who the heck has the audacity to list a book for this price?
And who, in their right mind, would pay it?
I heard an explanation for high prices: apparently since it's a hassle to list new items, some big sellers just put a high price on something that is out of stock, and then if they can get something back in stock, easier to just reduce the price.

makes sense
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