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Default Re: Policy Discussion on Ask Frank

Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
I think relationships evolve. It may start out as some sort of physical infatuation but over the years it changes to a combination of things. You share in successes and failures --around half more failure than success which is why there are so many failed relationships. I can think of no other thing we do that is more risky than marriage. Would you dare cross the street if promised that you would make it only half the time?

Survival advice: stay married and don't borrow any money. To keep your money, eat at home.

Happy Anniversary to you both!
My wife and I married 42 years ago....we were 8th graders when we first met....we waited until she finished college, which she paid for herself, to get married. I went into the home building trade right after high school. In a span of three years, I bought an acre of land and built a very nice small home for us to live in....we moved in the day we married at age 21. We grew up together...and now growing old together....marrying that girl was the best decision i ever made!
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