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Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
But Frankly, I was stuck on the notion of my own importance and at that time I would have asked, "who the phuck is he?" In those days, if you didn't fish for striped bass you were dog waste.
You'll like this tidbit, Frank: Lefty went all over the world, and fished for all different kinds of fish, with all kinds of people, many of them fancy: he fished with Hemingway, Tom Brokaw, Fidel Castro, and Ted Williams -- but he never caught a striper bigger than 35 pounds. And he doesn't have geography as an excuse: he lived in Maryland almost his entire life.

He also didn't like fishing at night. I remember in his memoir -- it's a good read, for a non-Frankenbook -- he said something like "For me, fishing is supposed to be about enjoyment, and I don't enjoy fishing in the dark."

I can see, especially before he became Saint Lefty, that he wouldn't have impressed someone with your background.
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