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Default Re: Subaru Forester on the beach..?

Originally Posted by crawdad_flipper View Post

I had two Subaru's....a 1987 Wagon with air adjustable shocks and a 1999 Outback Wagon. Never took either on beach but used BOTH exploring all the sand trails down here in the Pines. Had a few scary instances with "sugar sand" but using common sense and easing through, I NEVER had to use my shovel.

I also asked that same beach question on the AWD Subaru and never got a definitive answer so I balked and traded it for my 02 Explorer. Now I'm in an 09 Liberty.

Good luck with the ride......You will also love it in the snow up there.
Thanks Bob, not sure if I'll get a chance before the end of the year to try it out. It's good too known Jess will be there just in case I have a problem.

We decided it was time for some new vehicles since I have over 325k on the 95 Camry and with the wife's 01 Pathfinder we have over 540k miles. If I drive the Forester as long as I did the Camry this will probably be my last vehicle.

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