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Default Re: Fishing Reports for the rest of 2018

An interesting day for me yesterday.
I started at Seaside where I looked at the ocean just after high tide. I threw a plug and then a bucktail in the surf which looked beautiful. Nothing at all doing.
I moved down to IBSP to try the bay side, where I got 2 shorts on my trusty bucktail, but it looked like it should have been even fishier.

I then drove the 25 miles around to Lanoka Harbor (5 miles as the crow flies) to meet my boating buddy. We got out the Inlet for a couple hours of trolling and only saw ONE fish on the electronics and ZERO on our lines. There were reflections of huge clouds of what I think were sand eels - balloon shaped and tight forms that come from the bottom way up into the water column. I think we got some excellent practice at the mechanics of trolling Mojos and plugs at depths of 15 to 40 feet. When some fish finally arrive they're in trouble! We saw no bunker schools on the surface or on the screen.

I am still ready, but wondering when...
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