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Default Re: Flounder hooks

Throw those hooks away!
They are long shank Chesterton's and I nick-named them "Baby-killer hooks". The reason is that any size flounder will tend to ingest them to a point where you can't even see the shank and to remove the hook the standard method is to pull the leader and RIP the hook out. My (charter) boat fishes almost exclusively for flounder in Quincy/Boston Harbor from May through July and we try to release any smaller fish ALIVE.
Also, if you would like to bottom fish for more than one species the Chestertons do not hold up well as even the smallest of cod or stripers will twist the hook into a knot.
I use a Mustad R73-9671 2XH/3XL in size 2 and they can catch anything from a 1 pound flounder to a 30 pound striper. Forged bronze. The best part is the flounder are generally hooked in the mouth so mortality on released fish is "very low to nothing".
Good luck!

Captain Jason Colby
Little Sister Charters
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