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So Al,
How is your summer shaping up? How have you been feeling? Any bunker in "my spot"???
Frank writes that he is paranoid about taking people fishing as they could tell 5 or 6 friends and ruin a spot (like that night on the "Little Point" when the "one guy" (Mike)from the "S_____R S__F CLUB" found me (I was in the act of dragging a 30 and a 40 to my car)and the next night there were 4 guys fishing there even though Mike promised not to tell. He backed out of the water and explained to me that they "made him tell"!!!
When I fished with you or other people who "knew what they were doing" there was never an issue about "loose lips". Most of the people like that don't have any confidence in what they are doing and where they are doing it so they depend on others to find fish for them; mistakenly thinking that they will catch too as it must be the place, not "them"...
Are "they" bothering you now??? JC
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