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Great, that was a lot of garbage, it usually is "implanted" in your Registry file which is a bear to work on manually.

The question remains... Do you know how to access your BIOS before Windows starts? At boot up your screen should flash some loading information including "Press DEL" or "Press F2" or some other key to enter BIOS or SETUP.

Please verify that you can do that before you install your new RAM. Probably won't need to get into BIOS but just in case. If you access the BIOS screen DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING, just look around and exit without saving.

I would also suggest that you install your new RAM in pairs. What I mean is, leave your original RAM in the slots and just install two new sticks first. Boot up and verify everything is OK. Then shut down, remove the original RAM and install the remaining two sticks and boot up again. You should be good to go.

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