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Default Re: The 2015 New York Baseball Thread

not much Ortiz could say would make me laugh.

he's one of the greatest offenders.

I'm ALL FOR them MAKING the players stay put, and in fact would be in favor of reverting to NEITHER feet out of the box unless time is given, which would be
at the sole discretion of the umpire.

I don't care if pitchers try to quick pitch batters or whatever, it's time to get
these players to play.

The coach visits etc were always part of the game and never bothered me.

Average 18 pitches per inning, batter steps out on every pitch, 10 seconds per step out, up to 2 minutes per half inning, up to 4 minutes per inning * 9 LESS per game.

That CAN'T be a bad thing, especially in a Red Sox/Yankees game where they've been going over 4 HOURS.

I remember being at a Jim Kaat pitched game that lasted approx 1 1/2 hrs! Try that on for size.
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