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Default English Fishing Show/Contest

I watched all the episodes recently of a show involving eight (or so) "anglers" from Britton and The Isles where they had a episode in a different country each time and at the end of each episode they sent one person packing. The people they had in this competition were supposed to be amongst the best they could find but in watching the show, I couldn't help but think I was missing something.
I mean I have loads of people that come out on my boat that are far, far better fishermen than any of the "contestants" on that show and I personally would love to compete on the show myself. Did anyone else see the show I'm referring to and feel the same way?
I know Frank has had some experience with British surfcasters and from what I gather, they are "pretty excellent" , particularly in the distance casting department. On the show, I doubt I would categorize any of the contestants as "pretty excellent" at any fishing style (though some of them were better fly fishermen/women than I am)....

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