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Default Re: Fishing Reports Summer 2019

Hit the surf in SoMoCo the last two nights from about 7:30-9 for a swim and to wet the line for a bit. Last night was great and the water was noticeably warmer with larger waves but less turbulent waters. Started last night off with what I think was an oyster cracker but it was lighter in coloration than I have ever seen and seemed to have wide stripes thatcame to a point and were slightly darker. Hit a white unadorned bucktail right at the lip. Thought I snagged something at first then it came up to my feet in seconds. Finished yesterday off with two short fluke one on the bucktail the other on glow swimming mullet on dropper. Tonight I started with the same rig and got a 14 inch fluke on the bucktail. Then switched to sand crabs because the fluke spit one up and got a lively 17 inch striper.
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