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Default Re: Critical P-TOWN MEETING- Pleas attend

We need to be heard.
It is time that this bird is taken off the threatened list.
We have maintained the criteria and then some.

At first we were supposed to maintain 850 birds for 5 years.
We did that and they upped it to 2500.
We now have 6000 here in New England.
This is from the NFWS.

Closing miles and miles of beach is unacceptable.
We have done everything we can to help the Piping Plover.
They seem to have more success on beaches that are not closed.
Because humans keep the predators away.
When do we say enough is enough?
When will they accept the fact that the Piping Plover can not exist on barrier
islands? That the predators outweigh anything that humans could possibly do to them.
I have heard the same story about one PLOVER being run over by a vehicle for 20 years now.
Most of them die from high surf or natural predators.
We need to make these people understand that we are not the enemy.
Please attend the meeting if you can and speak out.
Let's get this bird off the list.
I personally like to see action for our causes.
We shut down striper fishing in the 80's.
Brought them back and are now able to fish them pretty much freely again.
We were successful.
When will the Audubon Society consider themselves successful?
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