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So thats how you do it!
I'm sure anyone here would love to spend a night fishing with Frank or Al,me included.However, if you cant because the buggers dont want to give up their spots,you can take their insights into fishing,which span many a night on the "midwatch hunts",and put them to use.The information they impart here,is priceless!I know that I have learned a lot from reading Franks books,and also from what he posts here.I have also learned a lot from Al B's posts,though I dont know if I'm ready for dealing with the eels(bad experience with them as a kid... )However,they are both giving up some,as Frank likes to say,"keys to the castle".Are they doing it to help us "kids" to be better able to fish? Maybe not,but I think so.They have enjoyed the time in the surf,and want to the rest of us to do so also.Take the morsels that impart,and run with them.Who knows,some night up in New Yawk,you might be fishing next to Al Bentsen,and not even know it! Just enjoy it!
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