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Default Re: I'm Alive and Home

Slime, just because you're a cheap whore it doesn't mean I cannot condemn theRookie for a highly offensive and insulting post. BTW: I think our TV viewing preferences are radically different, mine include the OFF button.

That was a good one Timmy! That would be hysterical to see.

Yesterday PM I got in really big trouble, Carole ran out to ths food store and while she was gone I went upstairs to check my email. She came home and caught me coming down the stairs. Man you would have thought she caught me in bed with another woman. She chewed me outfor a good 15 minutes and kept calling me "Dumb ***" the rest of the day and this morning.

As punishment she called Genevieve Sophia who is now babysitting through Tuesday.

I feel like escaping!

I called Genevieve Sophia last night and told her if she was going to come over today she had to make pasta sauce.

The sauce is simmering and thank God she is napping now. Thank God!
Bob D'Amico

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