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I seriously doubt that any of the cheap inverters will drive a compressor. They may advertise the rating in watts to run it, but i seriously doubt they can handle the surge required to start an electric compressor.

I predict crash and burn at worst, blown fuse on the car or thermal overload on the inverter at best.

Even a DC compressor capable of filling tires in a reasonable amount of time requires around 30-40 amps DC supply. Each and every connection or conversion looses capacity as none of them are 100% efficient.

If it plugs into the cigarette lighter, you won't be happy with it filling the tires on a 2500+ series pickup.

I could be wrong, but I would be shocked.

I wish I had some better news, but being only 1 beach that I go to has air, I have been down this route already.

Engine driven, hard wired DC or tanks of pressurized gas are the only options unless you have a lot of patience and time.

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