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Default Re: Fishing Reports Spring 2019

Well Bill Yes the small blowfish do serve as some food for larger blues but on the reverse the real small snapper blues are often food that blowfish do eat. Back in the 60's The massive influx of blowfish really cleaned the bay out. I know I use to fill buckets of them spent hours cleaning them and feeding allot of folks in Seaside. I could hardly catch a snapper for several years as the blowfish were all over the bait. On the surf outside of a few blitzes the blues were few and far between. Even on the surf you could not chunk bait for blues as the hooks were cleaned off. You may catch a rare spot and nail a few kingfish quick before the blowfish moved in but you lost many hooks to the puffers those days. I remember in those days you could go to Pt Pleasant Inlet and see thousands of blowfish like a wall from one end of the inlet to the other. Party boats had to run super slow as the props were plowing through the blowfish and vibrating the boats to critical stage
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