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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
I don't like hunter orange clothing. Better to have an all camo outfit and add on an orange vest. Of course it depends upon the laws in your state. In RI, where we do most of our hunting, the muzzleloader season only requires an orange hat. Say you have one of those big, expensive jackets for cold weather, $300. You can use it for turkeys, deer, waterfowl, even fall fishing, by adding or subtracting an orange vest.

Very expensive but Beagle makes a quiet vest that is really well made but its like 70/80 bucks. I don't have one but I have lusted over theirs.
From the studies I have read, which are very detailed on what a deer sees it comes down to they are much like some humans that are red (orange) green color blind. The articles or studies did mention that our blue jeans almost glow in a deer's perception and should not be worn hunting deer. Camouflage works if you pick the right color for the background colors. Jungle pattern will not work in a hard wood stand etc.

Motion and scent are much more important.

Frank buy the beagle vest because when you want to buy one later they will be gone and you will have to join the should have could have club. You could start dropping those what I want for Christmas hints.
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