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Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
what was that middle part again?

Bob can this situation happen on my MacBook pro?
I don't fully understand how OS-X Leopard manages memory but it is obvious to me that it is done much more efficiently than a Windows PC. MAC's also use virtual memory (swap file), if you are running a slew of widgets they will slow you down. You can see what's running using the Activity located in your Utilities folder.

An excellent widget that Apple recommends and is normally in the top 5 widgets on Apple's Download page is "iStatPro." That displays everything you need to know about the health of your Mac, including full memory details.

If you find that you are seeing the Apple "Beach Ball" too long when you start a new app that's a sign that you don't have sufficient memory available. You can do two things, first, actually Quit an app when you are finished with it, that will release memory. Number two purchase more RAM. You can max out your Mac Book Pro to 4GB of RAM. You can buy factory spec Apple RAM and install it yourself, it's cheap and easy. Check out Other World Computing at:

All MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo systems have two user accessible slots and may be updated with one memory module at a time. For the maximum performance benefit possible, Apple recommends that two modules of the same size be installed to enable 128MBit memory addressing.
In other words, if you have 2 MB of RAM and want to go to 4 you probably have two 1 MB RAM sticks installed already. Buy two, 2 MB RAM sticks for a total of 4MB. Remove the original RAM and replace it with the new RAM. Just save the original RAM sticks, you won't get much money trying to sell them. OWC offers rebates on MAC memory but it's not worth it.

Video of RAM install instructions at:

It's a no brainer, all you need is a Philips head #0 screw driver, be sure to work on a table free of anything else electronic, or with magnets. A glass of Chablis on the work table is OK as long as it's your first glass of the day.

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