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Default Re: Wrong way to release a striper, for all this matter any kind of fish .

You have to stand up for whats right. I will absolutely try and stop that when I see it. Even if it means talking with, then discussing, then confronting said angler.

There was some savage leaving skates to die on the beach the other night. I went over and put them back in. I did not say much to him and did not glare, I just went under his bait line, saved em and walked back to my spot. If you are too stupid to not move once you start catching skates and sea robins and so kill them in a childlike murderous tantrum, you have (in my eyes- please see disclaimer)lost your right to privacy on the beach. I will invade your territory and try and fix the situation.

I am not trying to be high and mighty. But if we expect our fishery and enviornment to survive, we must, as responsible stewards of the land, step in and BE A STEWARD!

We hear from the ANTIS and Stuie Chaifetz about what awful savages sportsmen are and here 5 days later we are kicking XXXXing fish. We hear about lost access and how too many people can ruin a fishery. That can happen only if
1. There are more of the savages than the stewards.
2. There are more, 'I'm just minding my own' than the stewards

Where are you?
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