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Default Re: Wrong way to release a striper, for all this matter any kind of fish .

As you can see from a distance I was, I was mad to begin with, you know me and my mouth?
I have seen many dead skates dead on the beach a long with some sand sharks,it's a pity, it seems like every one wants to argue about foolish things in some post, they like to voice their opinions on some issures that are compleatly nonesense.
Lets see how many anglers post here and tell the world throwing the fish 5 feet in the air to release it , and kicking it back in the ocean never the less such a beautiful fish as a striper is dead wrong
I my self walked over to a few anglers and put their bluefish back in the water, even a few stripers that were released and washed back in.
You know shipwreck even if we told them they were releasing the fish the wrong way,some get all up set and tell you to mind your own business, which is fine, but I'll go off the wall because it is my business.
Thanks for yor reply, I know you care