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Default Re: Wrong way to release a striper, for all this matter any kind of fish .

While propper fish release is being discussed, I'd like to note that when reviving a fish do not move it back and forth in the water, just hold it upright and let it pant till it takes off. Fish gills are designed to work in one direction, by moving it in reverse you can hurt the gills.

When in the surf releasing a fish gently in the water is possible, but perched on top of a jetti it has to be tossed back in. Stripers are quite tough.

I thoroughly agree that the idiot in the movie was acting in total disrespect of the fish, but I think the fish was done for after it washed up the first time.

Guppie, just keep an eye out for that guy, follow him around, and if he ever catches a keeper run up grab the fish and throw it back. Tell him he doesn't deserve a keeper, and run to the vehicle and have Don spirit you away!!! Actually, from the looks of the guy in the video, I think you could've taken him, you shoulda' kicked his @$$ and thrown him into the drink!!! You go Girl!!!

I'll be on the island in about 4hrs. Chris' ears r on!!!