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Default Re: Wrong way to release a striper, for all this matter any kind of fish .

Originally Posted by chris c View Post
I have total respect for the fish I catch and HATE seeing guys "tossing" fish back into the water like that idiot. I have on many occasions gotten myself pretty wet putting fish back into the water, even when it's cold out. It's just pure lack of respect for the sport.
Some one had mentioned to me what's the difference if you throw the fish off a jetty or from the surf.
I have watched many anglers kind of dropping the fish off the rocks , not flippin it three feet up in the air.
# 2 when you release a bass or any fish from the surf, if not done with tender lovin care, this fish will wash in with the waves,there is deep water off of the tip of North Jetty at IBSP, not much of a chance the striper will get bounced around in a wave ,most likely the fish will swim away un harmed. This is only IMHO.
Throwing it in to a wave, the fish will bounce a few times, who knows if the fish won't get stressed out never make it back i to deep water,hold the fish in a swimming position, till the tail starts to wiggle, then wait for high water , and watch it gently swim away .
Read what Fishtank wrote , makes a lot of sense