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Default cooler rack

i am thinking about purchasing a cooler rack for my truck in the spring... i want to get a full size cooler (120 qt)rack with bucket holders on both sides and everything...

the problem is, is that i have a mid size truck and the headlights will probably be blocked completely. has anyone ever seen a real cooler rack on a mid size truck before?

if i buy one, i am thinking about buying a set of snowplow lights for the front... but dont know if this is a 'seasonal' (winter) thing only with plow lights. after all, a cooler rack is not a permanent fixture, just like a snowplow, and can be removed and called 'temporary' . so i dont see why it wouldnot be legal ...any suggestions are appreciated thank you.

THE BELOW PICTURE: this looks to me like a ford explorer? and the headlights are only blocked by the rod holder tubes, not the cooler, this is a 94 qt cooler. and i'm not sure if the lights on the front are legal because they dont have turn signals?
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