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Default Re: Outdoor Art -- Surf and Otherwise

Originally Posted by lagoonguy View Post
Here's a picture I painted from a picture of my grandfather's last commercial fishing boat. "Superior" was built in Essex in 1932 for Capt.John Dahlmer. She was first rigged and fished as a mackerel seiner. In 1934 she was changed over as a Western Rigged dragger and fished for Redfish on the Grand Banks until the Navy took her in 1942 to supply weather stations in Greenland and Newfoundland with fuel oil and gasoline. She was a perennial highliner in the Gloucester fleet both as a seiner and as a draggter.

In the picture she is returning from Boston, after unloading her fish and is passing Ten Pound Island in Gloucester Harbor. This is a 8.5X11" Acrylic, Pen & Ink on Canvas Board.
Bill, another great painting, or pen and ink.

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