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Originally Posted by PaNoob View Post
Every year I take a weeks vacation To the DE/Md area. Last few years I have been going to Cape Henlopen. I usually camp in a tent somewhat close to the ocean. Last year I went the last week of September and because of the warm weather I spent the week dealing with surfers and swimmers in the bay and at herring point. ( Had an idiot literally take a swim and get tangled in my line, I guess the 11 foot rod I was holding was no indication of there was a line and hook in the water close by).
I was curious if anyone had any thoughts or experiences at other vacation/camping spots they would recommend.
It's been a long time since I've been up there, but I always had a great time camping/fishing out on Martha's Vineyard. In the past we were able to camp out of a van next to the beach without issue. I suspect that is still possible in many locations around the island.
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