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I think this year I'm just going to throw the tide charts out the window and experiment, top to bottom. Never really tried bucktails off of the beach, but I've always wondered how one of those crawled along the bottom would fair against a swimming plug sloshing away up top...

I need to take a good look at the backwater areas too, around some of the smaller rivers with either eels or some smallish plugs. I think the thing that killed me last season, now that I think about it, was that I was way too one dimentional in each trip. One outing would be swimming plugs, never really mixing things up in the water column. The next outing it would be just bait on the bottom, not moving nearly enough once 15-20 minutes passed without a strike. But Jimmy brought up a good point... I never once saw any large pods of bait. Oh well, back to the drawing board

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