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Default Re: A Tribute to Al Bentsen

Originally Posted by ragman View Post
Yes, thats what I got from my e-mails with Al. He would share his knowledge from the old days, but was also interested in what was happening now. "Hey Bob, you getting them down there yet? We are doing well here, you should be getting them soon (fall)". Spring, "Have they started down your way yet? If so, what are they hitting on?" If I said fishing was bad, he would mention a tip to keep my confidence up. Always positive, many times telling me a moby was in my future.
I just wish I had met him in person...
I feel like I only met him in person once or twice, like at a year end celebration over beers that a bunch of the local surfcasters organized a few yrs back. The rest was crossing paths in the dark or sharing a beach in the middle of the night. There are some fishermen who I might claim to know, but to this day not sure I ever actually saw them in the daylight.
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