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Default Re: Waterproof Dig. Cameras?

Olympus Stylus 770SW 7.1mp Amazon has it on sale for $200, 224 with a 2GB XD M card, highest quality will fit 400+ pics, I have taken over 100 pics with flash on 1 charge, don't know how many it will do, its the one I had on the jetty for the tournament and its probably the one Shipwreck had during the fluke tourney since I bought it on his recommendation waterproof to I think 35' shockproof to 5'.

cons no view finder, just the screen can be hard to see in the sun, doesn't take regular battieries, comes with a rechargeble like I said above I have never drained. Waterproof/sandproof - yes floats - no, get a camera float

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