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Originally Posted by rakuz66 View Post
I?m thinking it might work better in channels,
In moving water I would want to get down... I usually go with a sinking head and let it flow with the current at different levels.

Story,,, I kayak back in the sedges, IBSP, and where the channel makes the bend going out Barnegat inlet, from the inner bay, a good moving channel that hugs the inner bank, guys in boats were hitting good size bass drifting through. I was standing out on the island trying different things and did manage to pick up 2 bass after experimenting. Like I mentioned above I almost always use the F/I line but eventually switched to a inter. with sink head , which I feel was close to the bottom( actually had no idea how deep it was) and scored. Unfortunately, I think now, from the last time I was out there, you can't beach your kayak there anymore.
Channels, I like to get deep.

Oh, the more I think about the sedges, I have to get back out there again. There are some great channels out there and another perfect one that runs by a huge sand flat you just anchor your yak and walk the edges of the flat.
ok, who wants to go out there.

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