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Default Re: Middle America Speaks

No bonus, no raise this year...but annual report revenue was up 14%, op income was up 42% and margin up 2.2% ...and the dividend stayed the same....the board is using the economic climate to fatten the coffers. Bastages.

Stock is up, rumors of a does add up. We shall see.

Taking advantage of the mortgage rates, I just started the refi paperwork yesterday to lower my payment to have more cash on hand if needed. In the interim, I will push the extra cash to my 401k...hey at 4.25% mortgage, I make much more in the 401 then paying my loan off early...not to mention the tax break on funneling income to a qualified if I can just go Expat at 60 and funnel off a bunch of money to an overseas account...ooops did I say that...
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