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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
It is a good thing; to have something in common with a life mate after the splender in the grass wears off with time.

In other words traveling the same road after the lust of jumping her bones has wore thin.
Its too bad that more women don't understand the value of teaming up with their husbands. The outdoors is a way out of the house and a chance to get out in the world. Instead they opt for a life that is boring and separated. Even if doing so under a pretence, if they go, they just might begin to like it. My wife, Joyce, did not start out as a whizz-bang angler and fireing a gun for the first time she closed her eyes. (To this day she can't ride a bike.) But they rise out of that and soon reap the rewards of the outdoors the same as men do.

Of course they pay an awful social price: Other women will hate them, largely because their husbands use Joyce as an example. Another, very distressing, story in itself.
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