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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault View Post
Many, but admittedly not all, fishermen also hunt. So here is a place where you can tell stories, lie about the points on your buck, complain about bear populations -- stufflikethat. Even non-hunters could chime in.

Yesterday Joyce and I did a muzzleloader fun shoot at the Pomfret (Conn) Rod and Gun Club and they had a target, only about 20 yards, where a pair of clay trap targets were evenly separated facing the shooter with an axe blade centered between the targets. The idea was to hit the cutting edge so that it would cut the ball in half and break both targets. (Ya, sure, in your dreams! Right?) Only one shooter in the whole event broke the clays, two feet apart, with one shot. Guess who....
I wasn't kidding when I told this story about splitting the ball so as to break two targets. When I was told it could be done, I blew it off. My poor wife, who believes everything she is told, tried to do it and they both broke. Shooting nuts off of a field mouse is the one you are not supposed to believe.
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