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Well, well. Discussion starts off with a proposed regulation on the harvest of Fatback and turns into a another mud sling between rec's and comm's. Ain't this grand.
First of all, nobody can point the finger at the next. Why do you think there is a comm. industry anyway? US!! People like you and me wanting to have a meal for a value. And we are not talking just fish here. Just asking questions, don't anyone get upset, now. Cowboy, got any kids? Ever bought them a pack of chicken nugget from Mc Donalds or Wendy's? What do you think they fed them chickens? pelletized fish meal, that's what.
We are all to blame for the horrifying truth about or natural rescources being exterminated from the face of the earth. We are humans. That is what we do. I agree with the comm. guys about conserving the sounds, back creeks and wetlands. These are the places that make it possible for us to catch striper from the surf. The beginning of it all. DO everything you can to keep those crazy jet skiers and water skiers out of the creeks and marshes. Tote a couple extra flares with you and blast one across their bow. Naw, not a good idea. My luck, I would set the marsh on fire.
Believe me. Rec's are killing fish not only on your shores, but mine as well. I'm an OBX finatic and it boils my guts to see a group of &%$#'s celebrating each caught fish like they scored the winning super bowl touch down. I was there the first week of this month and I got fed up with it all. South Point, Oregon Inlet, OBX. 1000 yard slough, 200 fisherman. Stripers blasting through the bar opening at the fall of high tide gobbling up everthing. I'm gonna tell ya, You NJ guys are tough. No howdy's or pardon me's, just, "this is my world, get the heck out of my way." I fought with you guys for four days. I caught four to five fish each tide, released all of them, ALIVE and well. They never left the water, never put my hand on them. I was in the water with them up to my knees or waist and snapped the circle hook from their lips with my needle nose. They swam away as casually as I brought them in. May take a little more effort, but they live. Ohh, I did carry my limit home almost everyday. Few nice ones, too. How, you might ask. I would take the dying ones that would wash in the surf left by the New Jersey football team down the beach from me. Oh, and please keep the braided lines at home when fishing crowded sloughs. I lost a 30+ pounder because some side casting Delaware boy wanted to sling razor wire.
Mighty Mouse, when it comes to catch and release, gotta have some common sense. Don't drag them on the beach, raking sand over their gills, and hoist them up by the gill plate and bellies puffing your cigar in their face. Snap off a half dozen photos and chunk'em back in the surf like slingin' a hay bail. Not that the cigar does much, but show and ignorant glote and his buddies acting like a batch of silly school girls.
Rec's kill'em and comm's kill'em. We all kill'em, just use the freaking brain God gave you. Regulate the things that need them. Educate the public (not just fisherman), track the improvements anually, update regs. and keep on fishin'.
Key word, Management. Your not going to stop commercial fisherman and your not going to stop recreationals. Thank the Lord above that you have the opportunity and the means to do something about it all.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.
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