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Default Re: The 2013 New York Baseball Thread


I'm not seriously looking at many stats in this thread. What I decided to do was just look at the pitching staffs and see how many wins that staff could potentially produce, just based on gut instinct and past performance, then track actually throughout the year, along with the teams instantaneous win projection.

Make sense?

It's not a full blown Bill James saber metrics approach, which actually caught my interest after watching money ball on late night tv about 5 times.

Back in the day, when I had real lunch times to screw around on, a few guys and myself played out a shortened baseball season using stratomatic cards, one of those fellows actually used our mini season for a masters thesis in stats...

Baseball and stats is a marriage made in heaven, in fact I believe baseballs life blood is its focus on stats. Which is even more fascinating as the fans ebb and flow through fads, like home run chases last decade, pumped up through the use of PEDs, which any sane person knew was behind all the so called "great" hitters.
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