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Default Re: Triple Crown Thread for 2014

Whaddaya think of California Chrome, Doug? He's the favorite right now, and you can usually toss whichever horse is the favorite at this point. But I kinda like him, because his last race in the San Felipe was sensational -- it was extremely fast (107 Beyer), and it was jaw-droppingly impressive visually (he looked sensational, like a world-beater). I know we're supposed to downgrade speed horses running on the speed-favoring conveyor belt that is Santa Anita's dirt track, but I am more impressed by him than I usually am by the March Derby favorite.

There's also one more reason to pull for Cal Chrome: he's the last horse to win a stakes race at Hollywood Park. That's right: Hollywood Park, that beautiful old racetrack, where I spent most of my wayward twenties and where I cut my teeth as a handicapper, has been closed, and, alas, is no more. It would be appropriate, if only in a cosmic sense, if the horse who won the last stakes race ever run at the Track of the Lakes and Flowers goes on to win the Kentucky Derby. For that reason alone I'll be pulling for him.
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